Chloe Ting is Kicking Off Summer With a New Hourglass Challange

It’s been a while since Chloe Ting surprised us with one of her signature fitness challenges and she’s finally ready for a comeback. YouTube’s leading fitness influencer is kicking summer off in style, with another round of her signature hourglass challenge.

If you’ve been following Ting for a while, you’re fully aware that this isn’t her first hourglass challenge. She introduced several versions of this fitness program over the years, each one focusing on your glutes and your core, but through a series of different exercises.

Unlike most of Ting’s previous viral challenges, this one isn’t equipment-free and she recommends doing it with weights that fit your fitness level.

“If you’re a beginner, you can do the workout without weights, or if you have a set of light and heavy dumbbells you can use them to challenge yourself further. I would suggest going with lighter weights first to familiarize yourself with the workout, then increase your weights over time,” she wrote on YouTube.

The four-week challenge offers a combination of Ting’s old and brand-new workouts, which are best mixed together for optimal results. She already shared a few new workouts in this series, which target abs, glutes, arms, back, and full body.