Choosing the Perfect Sports Bra

Sports bra
Photo by Jacob Bentzinger on Unsplash

When it comes to working out, having a well-fitting and functional sports bra is essential, especially for high-intensity workouts and people with larger chests. Working out with the wrong bra or without enough support can be painful and make it harder to reach fitness goals and properly perform fitness routines. So here’s some advice on choosing the best sports bra for your workout.

Get Properly Sized

Surveys have found that the most common mistake when choosing a bra is choosing one with too-small cups and a too-large band. Having the right sized bra is the first step to getting proper support: without the right measurements, the bra will be tight and loose in the wrong places, giving you support where you don’t need it and none where you do.

Compression Type

A shelf bra compression style, research finds, is better for low-intensity workouts and will serve smaller chests just fine. However, for larger chests and especially for high-intensity workouts, a bra with individual cups is the better choice. Similarly, racerback bras cinch everything in closer to the body while shoulder straps distribute weight more evenly (a boon for those with larger chests).

Try It On First

If at all possible, you should always try on bras to see if they fit your individual body before purchasing. Bra sizing tends to be complicated and each body is shaped and proportioned uniquely, so you’ll want to try it on to make sure there’s no spillage or riding up before you buy.