Do You Need Special Weight Lifting Shoes

If you’re new to weight lifting you may be wondering if you should buy weight lifting shoes. Known as Oly shoes, they look like a weird platform wedge sneaker and they’re supposed to give a solid foundation and stability when lifting weights. So, should you buy a pair?

Do You Need Lifting Shoes?

Unless you’re trying to really improve your weight lifting performance, you don’t need these shoes. If you’re lifting regularly and really want a pair, go ahead and get them after you’ve learned proper form.

How Do They Work?

They have a lifted heel which increases the ankle’s range of motion and the ability to stretch. They allow for hip flexion and extension. Lifting shoes help you lift more weight because they give you a stable surface to get more power in your lifts.

When Shouldn’t You Wear Lifting Shoes

Lifting shoes are only for weight lifting, but they don’t work well for deadlifts because the shoes raise your heels and it means you have to pull the bar a further distance when lifting it from the ground, making it harder to get it off the ground. They can also shift your weight forward making it more difficult to get in the right position for the lift. If you’re doing a combination of lifting and other activities, you’re better getting a crossover shoe that doesn’t have much cushion or a raised heel platform. Lastly, you shouldn’t wear your weight lifting shoes when you’re not at the gym because you can wear them out quicker.