Do You Need to Stretch Before Work Outs?

Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

There’s debate around the need for stretching before a workout—some people swear by it, whereas others feel they can skip it and still reap the benefits of a good cardio or strength session. If you’re not sure what route to go down, read these tips before designing your own workout session for yourself.


Are you generally a flexible person? If your flexibility is above average, you may be able to launch into a workout without any problems. However, if your muscles are often tight and sore, some simple static stretches before you start moving could be a good idea.

Static vs. Dynamic

There’s more than one way to stretch, and evidence suggests that dynamic stretching—where you incorporate the stretching as part of your warm-up—could be more beneficial than static stretching. If you can’t come up with your own dynamic stretches, check out the start of a YouTube workout which often incorporates dynamic stretching.

After or Before?

Some people swear by stretching after the workout to avoid delayed onset muscle soreness and to develop flexibility. The benefit of this is that your muscles are already warm and stretched by the workout, so you may be able to lean into certain poses that little bit deeper.