Don’t Eat After Your Workout? Here’s Why You Should

Photo by Vitalii Pavlyshynets on Unsplash

What’s your post-workout routine — do you eat something immediately or stay away from food? According to Heidi Skolnik, the owner of Nutrition Conditioning, there’s a good reason why you should eat a small snack right after your workout.

If you don’t feel hungry after working out, that’s completely normal. The hormone ghrelin that stimulates appetite is lowered and it can be three or four hours before you feel hungry. But when that time passes, if you haven’t eaten anything, you’re in for a raging hunger which can make you eat way more than you planned.

In order to restore balance, eat a small snack within an hour after your workout. You can pack it up and eat it on your way home — a banana and some yogurt will do the trick, and so will an apple with a stick of cheese.