Easy Weekend Habits For Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Photo by Arturo Rey on Unsplash

Weekends are made for having fun and relaxing, so it’s not surprising that we tend to consume more calories on Saturday and Sunday. Overindulging in our favorite food and drinks can lead to weight gain over a period of time, so here are a few simple weekend habits for maintaining a healthy weight.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea is a nutritious beverage rich in antioxidants that is great for boosting metabolism and maintaining a healthy weight.  Some studies even show that it can help reduce appetite, so make sure to enjoy a cup of green tea during the weekend.

Go Shopping

Whether you like shopping or not, it’s one of the best weekend activities that will help you stay active and burn some calories. Use your free time to go outside and buy groceries or new clothes, because walking around the mall or supermarket is great for burning major calories and losing belly fat.

Drink Wine

Hanging out with friends over a few drinks on a Saturday night is what most of us love to do. There’s no need to give up on drinking altogether if you want to lose belly fat, just choose wisely what you drink. Beer and cocktails are not a good choice because they’re packed with calories, so it’s best to stick to a glass of quality wine.