Easy YouTube Workouts You Can Do at Your Desk

Struggling to find some free time before or after work to do your exercise? These easy and short YouTube workouts that you can do at your office desk will help you stay active throughout the day.

5-Minute Abs Desk Workout

Toning your abs and burning calories while sitting at your office desk seems like an impossible thing to do. But this awesome desk workout, which you can do in only five minutes, will help you stay in shape and sculpt your abs.

Yoga at Your Desk

Adriene Mishler is the best yoga teacher you’ll find on YouTube, for sure. Her six-minute yoga routine is perfect for people who work desk jobs and spend too much time sitting. Even if you’re not a yoga person, this video is a great thing!

Seated Office Workout for Energy

Caroline Jordan will help you stay energized throughout the day with this easy and helpful workout that you can do while sitting at your desk in only 10 minutes.

Easy 10-Minute Workout

Do this easy workout in only 10 minutes to improve posture and stretch your body. These basic exercise will help you stay in shape and prevent any back pain.