Effective Ab Workouts in 10 Minutes

Ab workouts
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Our abdominals are one of the most important groups when it comes to physical fitness. Core muscles are responsible for much more than just looking like a six-pack. They hold our organs in place, protect our spine, and assist with balance. While having defined abs can certainly inspire confidence, there are many more reasons to show them love through exercise. You don’t have to strain yourself or spend hours in the gym. It’s totally possible to get a challenging and effective workout from the comfort of your home or even during your lunch break. Some of our favorite Youtube creators show us how with these videos:

10 Minute Beginner Ab Workout

In this video, Pamela shares some simple and effective moves that are suitable for any level. She breaks down each move into 30-second chunks that are easily performed with no equipment required!

10 Minute 6-Pack Abs for Total Beginners

In this video, MadFit shows us how to get a complete workout that targets each part of the abdominal muscles through simple and effective moves. It’s easy enough that you’ll want to do it every day!

10 Minute Classic Abs

Caroline Girvan’s take on a 10-minute ab workout is divided into lower, upper, and oblique muscles. She guides us through each move in 40-second increments and winds down with a bit of yoga.