Emi Wong’s Standing HIIT Workout is As Intense As It Gets

Standing workouts are all the rage on YouTube right now and Emi Wong is one of the fitness influencers putting them on the map. In one of her latest workout videos, Wong shared an intense standing HIIT routine with her followers, and it takes just 15 minutes to complete it.

With 5.3 million followers and counting, Wong is one of YouTube’s most popular fitness influencers, and she’s been around since 2017. She became certified as an advanced personal trainer while working a full-time office job in social media and decided to combine her two passions into one and start her own YouTube channel.

Five years later, Wong is not as active as some other fitness influencers on this platform, but her workout videos are always worth waiting for. That also happens to be the case with her latest 15-minute standing HIIT workout, which features a total of 18 exercises.

Each exercise in this workout video is 30-seconds long, with 10 seconds for rest in between. The list of the moves featured in this workout includes punch and kicks, twist and taps, drop and side lunges, prayer squats, and touch-down drive-ups. Fifteen minutes is all it takes to go through all of them, so get ready to join Wong and do this epic HIIT workout.