Emily: The Flywheel Instructure’s Inspiring Regimen

For some people, waking up in the morning can be tiring and sometimes coffee can act as the hero. It’s important to have people around you that keep you inspired (or at least follow them on Instagram).

Emily Fayette, a Flywheel instructor ditches the morning coffee and instead goes for a mini workout of 10 minutes in the morning to keep her blood pumping. Her lifestyle is an inspiring one for every person out there who needs a boost of motivation. Not only does she spend copious amounts of time at her job teaching flywheel – but she also enjoys it deeply.

Healthy Lifestyle = Healthy Mind

Emily exercises every day to train herself to be in the right state of mind for working out and teaching her students. What’s even more amazing is that she adheres to a strict 8-hour sleep to help recuperate after a long day.

What Diet?

Instagram gurus usually post about eating salads and drinking smoothies but Emily Fayette is a little different. We had to scroll through her food to look for a photo of her eating a salad! She enjoys a well-balanced lifestyle of not only eating vegetables and greens, but she’ll occasionally throw in a burger or two as part of her diet.

We love a girl who can balance out eating salads with burgers, you can certainly tell that she knows how to live life despite dietary and workout restrictions.

Dance it Out

The question is: what can’t Emily do? She also dances to the beat of her own drum while teaching, exercising, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Where does she get all her energy? Lots of rest, exercise, positive vibrations, and matcha!