Enhance Your Workout With Resistance Bands

Image via hopefitnessgear/Instagram

Resistance bands offer amazing workout benefits. They add stress to targeted muscles, allowing them to work against more pressure, maximizing muscle growth. Here’s how to add resistance bands to your workout.


Place a resistance band around your lower thighs. When you squat, be sure to push from your thighs instead of using your knees, and you’ll feel it in your glutes.


While laying down on one side with the resistance band around your mid-thighs, lift your upper leg up and down. This works your core and glutes.

Fire Hydrants

Begin on all fours, with the resistance band around your mid-thigh. Lift one leg at a time out to the side and back down.


Work your arms and back muscle by stepping in the center of the resistance band and pulling the two sides up and out.

Glute Bridges

Lift your booty up and down with the resistance band a few inches above your knees. Push your legs slightly outward to work more on your glutes.