Enjoy Thanksgiving Without Overeating

Thanksgiving, the holiday we look forward to all year long, but that we also dread if we’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stick to our diets. This holiday doesn’t have to set you back on your goals and these tips will help you enjoy the festive food, while also maintaining your diet.

Stay Active

Begin your day with a turkey trot or some yoga, or end your meal with a quiet walk outside with your family. All the food we eat makes us tired and it’s our inclination to nap, but exercising after a meal helps aid digestion.


Eat Breakfast

Our first thought when we think about all the calories we will be taking in at our Thanksgiving meal is to compensate by skipping breakfast or lunch. In actuality, this is a bad idea because by the time the turkey lands on the table you’ll be so hungry, which will lead you to overeat.

Choose Your Favorites

It’s hard to avoid all the pies and cakes, so don’t be afraid to indulge in a couple of your favorites. The worst thing you can do is restrict yourself because it almost always leads to binging. Thanksgiving only occurs once a year, so go ahead and enjoy your pecan pie.

Be Mindful of Portions

Thanksgiving food is heavy; the sauces, high fat-entrees, and sugary desserts add up quickly. Be mindful of the ratios of foods you put onto your plates. In general, 1/2 your plate should be vegetables, 1/4 your plate should be proteins, and 1/4 should be whole grains or nutrient-rich carbs.