Everything You Need to Know About How to Take Care of Your Eyes

Photo by Nonsap Visuals on Unsplash

For many people, eye health is something that we take for granted. Unless you have a vision impairment or a specific eye condition, it’s easy to assume that you don’t need to do anything to cultivate eye health. The truth is, however, that our eyes are hardworking organs that require the right care to maintain proper function over time. Fortunately, caring for your eyes doesn’t have to be complicated, and a few simple practices can go a long way. Read on for some of our best tips on how to create an eye care routine that works for you.

Eat Right

Plenty of us were told as children that eating carrots would give us healthy eyes and clear vision. While it’s true that they are a great source of certain vitamins that play a role in eye health, carrots alone aren’t totally sufficient. To promote healthy eyesight and prevent age-related eye conditions, eat a balanced diet that includes foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, and zinc. Nuts, citrus fruits, and leafy greens are some of our go-to options. 

Get Your Eyes Checked

Like any other body part, having your eyes examined annually by a qualified professional will help you to identify any issues before they become more severe. Your doctor will be able to offer appropriate interventions and recommend a treatment plan where necessary. 

Practice Daily Care

From seasonal allergies to too much screen time, day-to-day life can really put a strain on your eyes. Use eye drops to lubricate your eyes to help clear out any irritants and allergens, and remove eye makeup completely before going to sleep. If you work at a computer or spend a lot of time staring at screens, wear blue light-blocking glasses and take breaks every hour.