Exercises to Improve Acceleration

Photo by Meghan Holmes on Unsplash

You can integrate some exercises to improve acceleration. The movements help your acceleration performance and can be followed by experts and novices alike.

They are also so simple, and they can enhance performance instantaneously. Some include:

Box Jump

This exercise is perfect because it uses body weight as an external load. Start by placing a box in your front and set your feet shoulder width apart. Enter into a quarter squat and swing your arms downward. Jump unto the box and ensure that you extend your hips while swinging your arms upwards.

Front Squat

This exercise strengthens the hip and torso and optimizes force production. It is performed with a bar held in a front rack position. It rests on the shoulders, and the elbows and chest are up tall all through. Widen your feet and point your toes out slightly. Then squat.

Hip Thrust

This exercise starts on the ground while seated with the upper back resting against a bench. A loaded barbell is placed over your hip crease. Lean back against the bench while pressing your hips into the ground. Rest your upper back on the bench and elevated the bar a few inches off the ground. Start the movement by thrusting your hips into the bar until they reach the limit. Reverse the motion and return to starting position.