Feeling Dizzy During or After Exercising? Here’s Why

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Have you ever gone for a long run or lifted weights and suddenly felt really dizzy? When you’re feeling dizzy, you need to stop your workout and figure out why you’re faint. Here are four reasons that may explain why you’re feeling dizzy while exercising.

Low Blood Pressure

If you’re prone to low blood pressure, you’re more likely to feel dizzy when going from lying to standing exercising like burpees. Quickly changing positions creates changes in blood pressure and can cause you to feel faint.


Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water before, during, and after exercising will help prevent you from feeling dizzy. If you want a quick, sure fire way to check if you’re dehydrated, just check your urine color.

Low Blood Sugar

Your brain’s primary source of energy is your blood sugar and when it’s low you’ll feel dizzy. It’s common among people with diabetes and those who are cutting calories or are exercising without eating. Other signs of low blood sugar are feeling shaky or weak. Make sure you eat a small snack with carbs and protein an hour before your workout to keep your blood sugar stable.

Workouts are Too Intense

When you get dizzy and are gasping for breath while exercising, go ahead and stop. Next time you workout, tone it down a bit.