Feeling Nauseous? Try This Acupressure Trick

Woman doing acupuncture
Photo by Antonika Chanel on Unsplash

Nothing debilitates you quite like nausea does. Whether it’s morning sickness, having drunk too much, a stomach bug, or your stomach just playing games with you, that feeling of needing to vomit is far from pleasant. 

In some cases, throwing up can actually relieve the symptom. Your body wanted to expel whatever icky thing there was inside you and now that it has, it will settle. But vomiting isn’t always that easy—especially if there’s no bathroom around…

So, what do you do when nasty nausea strikes?

One thing that may help is acupressure. Part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure is similar to acupuncture in that it involves stimulating points on the body that are linked to specific ailments. These points are located where blood, nerve, lymph, and connective tissue meet.

If you’re battling nausea, you want to target the Pericardium 6 by using your thumb to stimulate the point inside of the forearm between the two ropey tendons that sit a couple of inches up from the wrist. Apply firm but comfortable pressure. Move your thumb in a circular motion and take 10 deep breaths while applying pressure, then switch and do the other wrist.

Another spot to focus on is known as Stomach 36. This acupoint is actually situated at the top of the shin, a palm’s length below your knee. Use two fingers to apply firm pressure in a circular motion while breathing deeply. Keep rubbing until you feel a release, then repeat on the opposite side.

You should be feeling better in no time.