Find Working Out Boring? 3 Tips to Make it More Fun

Zumba class
Photo by Danielle Cerullo on Unsplash

For some people, exercise is much more than just a part of their daily wellness routine—it’s a way of life, an essential piece of how they define themselves as a person. For others, however, working out feels more like a chore, something that they dread the very idea of and will do anything in their power to get out of doing. While there are many reasons that people may not enjoy exercise, one of the most common is that they simply find it boring. If you can relate, read on for some of our best tips on how to make working out more fun.

Choose Activities You Love

The easiest way to make exercise enjoyable is by choosing activities that genuinely interest you. If you dread the idea of running, and going to the gym feels like a chore, there’s no shame in dancing, hiking, or playing team sports instead. You can even use working out as an opportunity to channel your inner child with activities like jumping on a trampoline or using a weighted hula hoop. 

Mix It Up

They say variety is the spice of life, and this applies to your fitness life, as well. Repetitive routines can get seriously boring, but incorporating a mix of exercise styles that challenge your body in different ways will keep things feeling fresh. For example, if your goal is to workout three times per week, try doing yoga one day for flexibility, hiking one day as cardio, and rock climbing once to build strength. 

Find a Workout Buddy 

A good friend can turn even the most boring, mundane, when-will-this-be-over workout into a fun experience that you actually enjoy. Whether you go for a run, try acro yoga, or just follow a YouTube video together, having a workout buddy can keep you accountable in a way that just feels like good friends catching up.