Find Your Fitness Community With These Social Workout Apps

Strava app on bike
Photo by Jay Miller on Unsplash

Working out can be a challenge for anyone, especially when you lack to motivation to get started. By finding friends to exercise with, your workouts can become an enjoyable social event that you look forward to every time. Here are some of the best social fitness apps that you can use to find your fitness community today!

Nike Training Club

With over 200 free workouts provided by an array of Nike Master Trainers, this intuitive app allows you to develop a concise training program according to your personal goals. From pilates to yoga, HIIT classes, and weightlifting, The NTC app provides both traditional whiteboard exercise routines and highly-motivational instructor-led classes, meaning that you can select the exact amount of human engagement that you desire on the day. What’s more, there is an array of shareable trophies and achievements to be won, giving you that extra motivation to excel.


If you love running, cycling, or hiking, then Strava is for you. This fitness app allows you to track the time and distance of your routes, after which you’ll be able to share your accomplishments on the in-app Strava feed, where they’ll be viewable by your friends and followers. What’s more, Strava regularly organizes in-person events across the U.S., giving you the chance to make new friends while working out.


Known as “The Fitness Social Network“, this app boasts a wide range of workouts to choose from, including CrossFit, cardio, weightlifting, and yoga. In addition to sharing photos and videos, this social exercise app enables you to create groups where you and your friends can chase your fitness goals together. What’s more, you can also book gym classes at a variety of locations and even accept challenges from your gym or trainer in the pursuit of prizes.