Fitness Influencer Krissy Cela Talks Benefits of Cutting Her Workouts in Half

Do you hit the gym on a daily basis and beat yourself up every time you miss a workout? You shouldn’t feel bad about decreasing the number of your weekly sweat sessions according to fitness influencer Krissy Cela, who’s reaping the benefits from doing the same.

The famous trainer with over 1.7 million Instagram followers started her fitness journey about five years ago and used to hit the gym almost on a daily basis. That changed along the way after her schedule became more hectic and she started to struggle juggling many things at once.

While chatting with Cosmopolitan, Krissy Cela admitted she decreased the number of her weekly workouts, and that this was probably the best decision she ever made.

“I slowly realized that my workouts should work around me, my lifestyle and my happiness, not the other way round. Physically and mentally I feel better than ever. I am giving my body enough time to fully recover which means I can train even harder on my next session,” she revealed.

Cela ended up switching from 5-6 workouts a week, to 3-4 sessions instead and she feels less overwhelmed and anxious after making a switch. Remember her story if you’re struggling to reach “five gym sessions a week” goal, and try to find something that works for you, instead.