Fitness Planners to Help You Reach Your Goals in 2023

Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash

If you’re looking to set some new fitness goals for 2023 but don’t have a clue of how or where to start, you may want to consider using a fitness planner. Fitness planners are journals used to plan and track exercise and nutrition goals. The idea is that by providing structure and organization, they can help you to stay motivated and know when to make certain adjustments. You can certainly just add a few stickers and labels to a regular notebook, but if you prefer something more specialized, there are plenty of fitness-specific planners available to choose from. Here are some of the ones we’re loving so far this year.

PopFlex Active Fit Planner

YouTube fitness sensation Cassey Ho has been designing fitness planners as part of her Blogilates and PopFlex Active brands for 10 years, so she’s got a pretty solid understanding of what a planner should include. Her 2023 version includes space to track mood, sleep, and workouts as well as a meal planning spread and goal setting sheets.

The Happy Planner Fitness Planner

What we love most about this planner is how customizable it is. The spiral-bound design allows you to add or remove pages, so you can stay focused by keeping what aligns with your goals and taking out the rest. Wellness Planner’s planners are the perfect option for anyone looking for a fitness planner with some flexibility. They’re not dated, so you can use it when you need structure and support and put it aside when you feel like you need a break. Use them to track physical, mental and even community-focused wellness.