Fly High With Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is the closest thing to flying in an exercise (besides paragliding). It emerged in 2014 and is a fusion of traditional yoga poses, pilates, and being suspended in the air through the use of a hammock. Aerial yoga is a unique form of exercise that uses anti-gravity yoga to improve flexibility and strength. Also, if you’re not an expert then have no fear. This type of yoga is perfect for beginners!

Increased Flexibility

There are an endless amount of poses you can do with aerial yoga – you can even try out this surfer pose that helps stretch out your legs and calves.

Try it With a Partner

Another great pro about aerial yoga is that the hammock is strong enough (sometimes) to support two people. So you can now fly in the air with your best friend while striking a yoga pose.

Just Hang Out

Instead of the traditional Savasana where you end up lying down on the mat after a lengthy practice, you can now sit cross-legged while being suspended in the air. This relaxing pose is great after flipping over and spinning in the air – to finally find your center again in stability.