Fun YouTube Workouts Perfect For Improving Your Mood

Image via Pamela Reif/YouTube

We all know that exercise is good for increasing endorphin levels, which is why it’s one of the best ways to lift your mood in no time. Even when you’re too tired or not in the mood for working out, make sure to try some of the fun workouts that will boost your mood and help your feel better.

30-Minute Cardio and Strength-Training Workout

High-intensity workouts such as cardio are best if you’re looking for an endorphin boost. This 30-minute cardio and strength-training workout by POPSUGAR Fitness is perfect for improving mood and torching major calories.

12-Minute Happy Sweat Workout

Pamela Reif’s workouts have never let us down so check out this short workout for improving mood and energy levels. It’s perfect even for busy mornings because you can do it for only 12 minutes if you want to feel better and kickstart your day.

Restorative Yoga Pilates Workout

People who love yoga and find this practice relaxing definitely need to try this 15-minute workout by Fitness Blender that’s great for boosting mood but also for improving circulation.

One-Mile Walk At Home

Last but not least, walking is one of the best ways for improving your mood and burning calories at the same time. If it’s too cold for walking outside, you can always do this fun workouts and improve your mood in only 15 minutes.