Getting Older? Here Are Some Fun Activities That Will Get You Back in Shape

Photo by Abby Savage on Unsplash

If you’ve recently blown out 70 candles on your birthday cake, you might be tempted to stay home and decompose. But although you might not be in shape like 20 or 30 years ago, there are some activities that are still great for your body and soul. Check them out below.


Feel like mixing things up? Why don’t you try lumberjacking? Throwing axes isn’t easy at all, so don’t be surprised if you feel your hand muscles getting sore with each throw.

Outdoor Yoga Class

Being outdoors and doing exercises is recommended to people of all ages. We are sure there are plenty of yoga, dance, and cardio lessons in your local area, and if not you can always organize some yourself.


Paddleboarding is a surprisingly tranquil activity you will surely love. All you need is a body of water, a board, and a paddle, and you are ready to rumble.


Invite friends to join you in a party of bocce, an Italian ball game which is traditionally played on natural soil and asphalt courts.