Getting the Best Out of Spotify for Workouts

Workout music
Photo by juan pablo rodriguez on Unsplash

If you’re one of the many people who use Spotify for music, you probably also use it while you’re working out. You might have a playlist you made yourself—but Spotify actually has lots of fitness-themed playlists premade for users. Here are some things to try.

BPM Playlists

If you’re a runner or are just getting into running or if you do something similarly rhythmic like the elliptical or stationary bike, you can benefit from Spotify’s BPM playlists. Each playlist features songs that are a certain number of Beats Per Minute—meaning they will set your pace and keep you at a steady pace throughout your workout. You can mix and match for warmup and cool-down by starting with a slower BPM, switching to a faster playlist, and then switching back.

White Noise

If your fitness of choice is something more controlled or peaceful like yoga or tai chi, Spotify has playlists for focus that feature ambient music and peaceful sounds to help you concentrate and set the mood.

General Playlists

Spotify also features great playlists specifically for working out in a variety of moods. Many are designed to give you energy, based on the music genre that gets you the most fired up!