Great Exercises For Improving Blood Circulation

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

One of the reasons why staying active and exercising is important is because it increases blood flow and improves circulation. Here are a few easy exercises to help you in that department.

Legs Up The Wall

Lying on the floor and lifting your legs up the wall will return blood from the legs back to the heart, which is why we usually do it when we feel light-headed. This is also a common restorative pose in yoga that’s great for relaxing or relieving back pain.

Glute Bridges

Glute bridges are an ideal exercise for people who sit for long periods and suffer from poor circulation, hip, or back pain. Lack of inactivity can cause our glutes to shut down, but this exercise can help solve these problems.

Leg Swings

People who work desk jobs can often have problems with poor circulation, but leg swings are one of those exercises you can easily do at your office. Do this routine using a chair or door for support and get rid of cramps as well as other sources of tension.

Foam Rolling

A gentle massage can also help improve poor blood circulation and that’s where foam rollers can be very useful. A few simple foam rolling exercises can help increase blood flow and relieve pain in tight muscles.