Grow with Jo is Sharing Amazing Workouts Inspired by Different Cultures Around the World

Grow with Jo is one of YouTube’s most positive fitness influencers, and her workout videos will bring a breath of fresh air into your routine. She used some of them to pay homage to different cultures around the world—starting with these three amazing workouts.

K-Pop Dance Workout

Korean pop music has a global appeal and many K-pop artists, such as BTS and Blackpink, found international fame in recent years. Jo decided to honor them with this fun dance workout, which also includes such hits as Blackpink’s “Kill This Love”, BTS’s “Butter”, and Mamamoo’s “Hip”.

Bollywood Dance Party

Bollywood movies are all the rage in India, but we rarely see workouts inspired by them. Jo decided to change that and gave us a fun and beginner-friendly danced routine that borrows some of the moves from the Bollywood dances it was inspired by.

Afrobeats Feel Good Dance Workout

Jo is a huge fan of the Afrobeats genre, which experienced a huge boom in West Africa before taking the rest of the world by storm. She used this workout to celebrate the beauty of Afropop music and made a feel-good workout that you have to try if you’re struggling with fitness motivation.