Have You Heard of the “Center of Gravity” TikTok Challenge?

Image via Wavebreakmedia/depositphotos

When it comes to fun challenges, look no further than TikTok. And the latest one is fitness-related and it’s super entertaining. The challenge is called the Center of Gravity and it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. So, what is this new challenge all about and how can you try it at home?

It’s pretty simple—a man and woman record themselves on all fours next to each other and they start by moving their forearms so they’re resting on the floor, followed by their elbows with their faces resting in their hands. Then they move the arms from the ground behind their back, but in most cases, the men end up face-planting while the women can hold themselves up.

So, why are women better at keeping their balance in this challenge?

One explanation is that most women have larger hips than men, which means they have a lower center of gravity. Because men have more evenly distributed centers of gravity, they end up falling over. Another explanation is that people who win the challenge are changing their positioning before moving their arms behind their back, by leaning back with their weight on their heels when they put their elbows on the floor. This allows them to keep the center of gravity close to their knees, making it easier to balance.

Regardless of the reasoning, it makes for a fun challenge and it’s a great way to get a good laugh!