Healthy Habits to Adopt When You’re Out of Shape

Woman doing push ups on a yoga mat
Photo by Karl Solano from Pexels

We all feel out of shape sometimes, even when we think we’re leading a pretty healthy lifestyle. So what should we do, and how do we escape this funk? There’s no need to panic because these simple healthy habits will help you get back in shape very soon.

Eat More Vegetables

There’s no need to starve yourself and eat only salad for lunch, but eating more veggies can definitely help you get back in shape faster. Try to eat veggies with every meal by adding them to your breakfast smoothie or oatmeal, or eat a small salad with lunch and dinner to boost your immune system and stay healthy.

Make Exercise Enjoyable

We all get bored with our workouts from time to time and that’s totally normal. However, this is not a reason to give up on exercising, it only means you should switch things up a little. If you’re bored with hitting the gym every day try swimming or running instead. Or better yet, simply add new exercises to your routine to boost motivation.


Try to do a simple 10-minute stretching routine each morning in order to boost your energy and improve your flexibility. This is by far the easiest way to get back in shape and feel better immediately.