Healthy Habits to Form Before You Commit to a Workout Schedule

Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash

Working out and getting enough physical activity is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle—but it is by no means the only part. It can also be one of the hardest habits to form because it takes energy and time that many of us simply don’t feel we have in our busy lives. If working out is something you’d like to work up to, start by forming these habits first.

Get Movement Into Your Day

It’s okay to start small. Try to find moments in the day to stretch, walk around, dance a little, or any other kind of movement. This may help relieve stress and will help get your body more used to moving regularly without putting strain on it right away.

Get Out of the House When You’re Tired

Practice getting up and doing something at the time of day when you’d like to start working out. That way even when you’re feeling tired—like early morning or after work—you’ll be more accustomed to getting yourself back up and out the door. 

Shower When You Would If Working Out

It may sound a little silly, but one thing you’ll want to get used to is showering at whatever hour you’d normally finish working out. This way, there’s one more part of the routine you’ve already worked into your schedule and you’ll be more inclined to get sweaty right before your scheduled shower.