Here’s How to Meal Prep Like a Pro!

Whether we’re busy studying, working or even taking care of a child – preparing great food daily can be tough. Also, ordering out all the time can put a damper on the wallet. That’s when meal prepping comes in handy because the meals are prepared beforehand instead of on the day themselves.

This method not only gives you tasty food, but you’ll have more time to work on other tasks. Just make sure to refrigerate the excess food and consume the dishes within 3-4 days to ensure that they don’t go bad. Here are some tips to help you with your meal prep.

Pack the Protein

Protein doesn’t always have to involve meat-based dishes. In fact, studies show that beans or quinoa also pack a ton of protein. For a high protein vegan dish – try mixing quinoa with red beans with a hearty tomato sauce and olives. For the side dish (if you’re still hungry) you can add another noodle dish like vegan mac and cheese to keep you energized throughout the day.

Bento Boxes & Sushi

For meal prepping, the right containers and bento boxes are imperative. Consider bringing one or two containers to your place of work to add variety to your dishes. Sushi is always a good idea since it’s quick and easy to make. We love this container since we can add sushi and another dish loaded with carbs. Thank you for creating bento boxes, Japan!

Mixed Greens & Portion Control

Meal prepping allows you to divide your food into different portions. Want more salad? You got it. Need less chicken on the side? No problemo. It’s great for portion control to avoid eating too much or too little of the same variety of dish.