Here’s What to Bring to a Holiday Party if You’re Trying to Be Healthy

With holiday season upon us, making healthy food choices is harder than ever. With all the baked goods, alcohol, and holiday meals, it’s hard to stick to a diet and avoid temptations. So how can you participate in the holiday festivities without derailing your healthy lifestyle?

For an office party, offer to bring a fruit or vegetable platter or trail mix. Sure it may not be the most exciting thing at the event, but we bet you won’t be the only one munching on it. For a cocktail party, again, bring a vegetable platter with hummus, tahini, or sour cream or a fruit platter with Greek yogurt dip.

If you’re going to a potluck style dinner, offer to bring a salad or vegetable side dish. If you’re asked to bring dessert, bring a fruit salad and sprinkle it with date syrup and toasted chopped pistachios or almond slices.

If you’re not drinking or trying to drink less during the holiday season, consider bringing mocktail ingredients or sparkling water and bitters or flavored syrups.

Most of all, don’t be embarrassed to bring food tailored to your health needs as we’re sure there will be someone else with your dietary restrictions, who will appreciate the options you brought. And if you feel like indulging a bit in some treats, don’t be too hard on yourself, just enjoy the moment!