Here’s Why Cycling in Autumn is Awesome

Don’t let the cold and the moody weather discourage you from riding your bike this fall. Cycling in the fall is one of the best things in the world, and here are a few good reasons why.

Magical Landscape

This time of year is magical because of the beautiful landscapes and yellow leaves, and what better way to admire the fall foliage than to ride a bike in nature? Use these last days of good weather to spend a weekend riding through a nearby forest or by a local lake.

No One’s Around

One of the advantages of cycling in the fall is that there are far fewer people on the trails this time of year. This is a perfect opportunity to take time, enjoy a nice bike ride, and even explore some places you’ve never visited before.

Perfect Conditions

Okay, so the weather conditions may not be perfect if it’s raining. However, it’s certainly more comfortable to ride a bike in colder weather than to sweat on a hot summer day. Fall days are neither too hot nor too cold, which is perfect for a nice cycling tour.