Here’s Why Early Morning Hikes Are Best

Hiking tips
Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

Hiking has become one of the most popular outdoor activities because it’s fun, enjoyable, and great for overall health. In case you’re thinking about going for a hiker or you’re already an experienced hiker, here are a few good reasons why you should consider hiking early in the morning.

Maximize Trail Time

The most obvious reason why it’s better to start hiking in the morning is that you’ll have more time to spend in nature and to relax.


Hiking in the morning is also safer because if you need any help on the trail or you get lost, you’re more likely to find help during the day.

Less Crowd

You’ve probably noticed that hiking trails are more crowded than ever, because this turned into one of the most popular outdoor activities a few years ago. If you want to avoid the crowd and have the trail to yourself then it’s best to start hiking early in the morning.

Beat The Heat

Hiking in hot weather can be extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous, which is why it’s advisable to avoid hiking at the hottest times of the day. Early morning hikes are definitely the most enjoyable because you’ll get to watch the sunrise and beat the heat during hot summer days.