Here’s Why You Really Shouldn’t be Sleeping on Your Stomach

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

This may upset some people, but we still need to say it—you should not be sleeping on your stomach. The position is what many of us land up in during the night, but it is actually not that healthy (as comfortable as it is…).

While lying on your stomach, most of the pressure is placed on your spine because you sink deeper when lying on your torso. The weight is then distributed in the middle of your body and that stress on the spine can leave you with back pain, as well as affect other parts of the body due to the spinal nerves.

Sleeping on your stomach isn’t too good for your neck, either. Unless you’re sleeping on a massage table with a hole by the face (or have learnt how to breathe through a pillow), chances are you are turning your neck while you sleep. This can cause torsion in your spine—not to mention, neck pain. 

While it is totally better to sleep on your side or back, if you must sleep on your stomach, invest in a firm mattress and place a pillow under your pelvis to ease some of the pressure.