Hip-Hop Videos for a Fun and Fresh Way to Work Out

If you’re bored with your workout routine and looking for a way to spice it up, dancing may be just the thing. Hip-Hop in particular is a super fun way to get your body moving in ways that are different than many common workouts. It’s especially great as a form of cardio along with increasing coordination. Practice alone or grab some friends; don’t worry about what you look like. Just turn up the music and dance like nobody’s watching.

Hip Hop Dance Workout for Beginners

This 5-minute tutorial on hip-hop dance from Danielle Peazer is a quick and easy way to get your body moving when you have limited time. Do it as part of a longer workout or in the bathroom right before you shower. Pants are optional. We don’t judge.

20-Minute Hip Hop Dance Class

For a longer workout that targets your whole body, join influencer Lucie Fink as she heads to the studio for a private lesson. They break down the routine into simple movements and then put it together for a finished product sure to get your heart pumping.

Hip Hop Dance Choreography for Beginners

Lara is a German fitness instructor with a real knack for breaking down exercises for beginners. This workout is designed for people without a dance background to be able to pick up quickly so they can make the most of their workout.