How Basketball Will Help You Exercise Consistently

Man throwing basketball
Photo by Tom Briskey on Unsplash

It can sometimes seem downright impossible to stay consistent when it comes to exercising. You might find yourself in a routine for a week straight, but the second you meet some kind of adversity, you’re back to your old habits and you stop doing cardio for three straight months. Team sports can be a great way to combat this, and basketball is one of the best around. Here’s why basketball can help you stay consistent with your exercise.

The Ultimate Workout Buddy

The reason having a working buddy is so beneficial is because they encourage you, hold you accountable, and even inspire you to encourage them in return. Having a group of friends that you play basketball with is like having multiple workout buddies who are holding you accountable. But in this case, they’re not making you feel bad about it. They’re reminding you how much fun you could be having.

A Brotherhood

We say “brotherhood” in the colloquial sense, because obviously women can enjoy basketball just as much as men. But the concept rings true on both ends because basketball really is a family affair. You become bonded with your basketball brethren when you play together—and ultimately, it’s this shared love that brings you back to the court time and time again.