How Can You Tell If Running Shoes Fit?

Man tying his running shoes
Photo by Alexander Redl on Unsplash

While it’s important that all the shoes you wear to work out in fit properly, when it comes to running, it’s even more important. They need to be just the right size in order to prevent injuries and blisters. And finding ones that fit perfectly can be hard, but with these tips, it’s easier.

Check the Fit

If the shoe fits right, you should have about a thumbnail’s width between your longest toes and the end of the shoe when you stand up. There shouldn’t be any pinching or rubbing on your toes, ankles, or heels. You shouldn’t need to break running shoes in—they should feel great out of the box.

It’s About What Feels Good to You

There are tons of types of shoes and what you like may be different than what other people want in a shoe. Some people prefer shoes with lots of cushions, and others like firm shoes. There are also “zero drop” shoes, which means the heel isn’t higher than the footbed, and ones that have a higher heel-to-toe differential.

Keep the Activity in Mind

There are different types of running shoes that are intended for different types of activities like trail shoes and road racing shoes. Also, running brands make other shoes that aren’t designed for running, so keep this in mind.

Get Measured and Fit by an Expert

Even if you’re feeling confident with your shoe size, your feet change over time and many brands fit differently. Also, in running shoes, you wear a different size than regular shoes because your feet swell when you walk and run and your shoe needs to accommodate this. An expert can help you figure out what shoes are best suited for your needs and what fits best.