How Resistance Training Can Help Improve Posture

When we’re sitting down at our desks for hours on end or even remaining in a seated position for an extended period of time – this can wreak havoc on our posture. Good posture is important to upkeep because if we don’t, we could have serious slouching issues in the future. Not to mention spine and back problems as we age. If you’re an exercise enthusiast who spends hours exercising then it’s important to focus your attention on your posture. Try incorporating these resistance training tips into your weekly exercise for better posture.

Use Resistance Bands

Resistance bands help to give attention to the natural curve of your spine and deter it from bending in undesirable ways. Keep one in your home so you can use it to stretch after an intense exercise.

Try Rowing Exercises

Rowing exercises can help you focus on the muscles in your middle and upper back. Since you’re working on these muscles, your posture will become more straight because your muscles will be strengthened. Also, rowing isn’t that strenuous and you can reap amazing benefits from it.