How to Beat the 4 Most Common Workout Excuses

Committing to working out isn’t easy at all. There are always excuses – I’m too tired; it is not for me; it is boring, etc. Let us teach you how to confront excuses that could derail your best intentions.

I’m Too Tired

If feeling tired is a daily thing, it is probably from a lack of exercise. When you don’t move enough there is not much oxygen being distributed through your body, which can make you lethargic. So if you constantly feel tired, you should still work out. A quick home workout will do the job.

I’m Not an Athlete

Well, you are good at walking, right? Just find the activities you love and do them at an intensity that feels comfortable for you.

It is Too Expensive

Well, you don’t have to become a member of the most expensive gym. Believe it or not, you can find your equipment at your own home. Like for example, you can use plastic bottles filled with water as your dumbbells.

It is Boring

Well, if you don’t like going to the gym, you can always do a fun activity outdoors. Join a walking or outdoor yoga class, or maybe volunteer as a dog walker at a shelter.