How to Combat Dry Skin This Winter

Winter skin
Photo by Andre Furtado on Unsplash

Winter is here and our skin is drying out before our eyes. It’s itchy and flaky, and it does not look so pleasant. The cold weather and lack of moisture can irritate the skin. And so can the products you use. If you want to get ahead of dry skin this season, here are a few ways you can do so.

Invest in a Humidifier

A humidifier will add moisture to the dry air to help hydrate your skin. The air is dry in the winter which results in dry skin, so with the help of the humidifier, the air will be more humid and keep your skin soft and glowing. They can also help if you’re dealing with a cold or the flu by clearing out your sinuses.


The skin products you use in the summer can sometimes irritate the skin or not work as well in the winter. It’s worth making sure you have a good moisturizer for the winter months that will smooth out those dry spots. Use simple, calming, natural products.


Consume more healthy fats this winter to contribute to a healthy moisture barrier in the skin. Diet has a huge effect on the condition of your skin, so start increasing your omega 3 and 6 this winter for smoother skin.


You might forget to drink water in the winter as you aren’t sweating as much, but it’s vital you drink just as much as you would do in the summer to keep your skin hydrated.