How to Find Motivation to Run the Extra Mile

Running tips
Photo by Jenny Hill on Unsplash

Running can be very challenging, given that it takes discipline and perseverance, but it’s also extremely rewarding and healthy. If you’re looking to push yourself harder and make your runs even more challenging, here are a few tricks that could help you run that extra mile.

Build a Killer Playlist

Listening to music is the most common way how runners distract themselves, so creating a fun and motivational playlist is always a great strategy for boosting motivation.

Set New Goals

Tracking your progress and setting short-term goals is a great way to find more motivation during workouts. The best thing about running is that you’re competing with yourself, and breaking your own record is always fun.

Distract Yourself

Music is not the only thing that can distract you during runs. Listening to podcasts, exploring your neighborhood, or making plans for dinner are all great ways to distract yourself and run that extra mile.

Change Your Running Route

One of the most common reasons why people get bored and lack motivation for running is because they’re running the same route every day. Switching up your running route is the easiest way to make your workout more interesting and extend your runs.