How to Make Transition from Summer to Fall Hikes

Summer is coming to an end in just a few weeks, and many of the activities you enjoy will have to adapt to this change. Hiking is the best example, and here are some major changes you can count on once temperatures start dropping.

Checking the Forecast

You should always check the weather forecast before going on a hike, but it’s even more crucial to do it once the summer is over. Weather can be pretty unpredictable in the fall, and your hiking adventure will be completely ruined by rain if you come unprepared.

More Flexible Schedule

The worst thing about summer hikes is that you can only do them early in the morning or late in the evening and you have to skip certain trails to avoid sunlight. Fall hikes allow you to be as flexible as you want since you can stay outside all day long.

Wearing Layers

Your hiking wardrobe will change once fall arrives, and wearing multiple, thin layers is the best way to stay safe. You should still have sunscreen and mosquito repellent by your side just in case, especially in the early fall when it’s still sunny most of the time.