Here’s How You Pick the Perfect Pair of Running Shoes

Standing in a shoe store in a shiny new pair of sneakers will make you feel like they’re the perfect match. Things tend to feel quite differently when you’re several miles into your run and can barely stand on your feet. That’s why it’s extremely important to think things through before treating yourself to a brand new pair of running shoes.

There’s a couple of things you should take into consideration before heading to the shoe store. The terrain you run on, your running style, and your personal tastes are top three. Light and flexible sneakers are ideal for road runners, but you should avoid them if trail running is your poison. This terrain requires better support and cushion for uneven ground because you might face many obstacles along the way.

It’s extremely important to try on your shoes before making the purchase, and it’s always better to do it later in the afternoon. Your feet will be swollen from physical activity during the day, just like they are when you’re running. That’s the best way to avoid running shoes that are too small and going with a half-size larger pair also helps. Before they become a regular part of your run, break in your shoes by going on shorter walks.

Follow these simple steps to avoid pain, injury, or discomfort and always remember comfort is your top priority. Your running shoes don’t have to look fancy or glamorous, as long as they get you to the finish line.