How to Prevent Breakouts After Working Out

Face Wash
Photo by Cheyenne Doig on Unsplash

There are so many benefits to regular exercise that it’s hard to imagine it having any kind of negative effect. As long as workouts are done safely and properly, drawbacks are usually minimal—that is unless you’ve got sensitive or acne-prone skin. Sweat and synthetic fabrics can be a recipe for breakouts. Some skincare companies are now formulating products specifically to help prevent them. While specialized products can certainly be helpful, you don’t need to buy any brand in particular to maintain clear skin. Following a few simple steps can help prevent most post-workout acne.

Wash Your Skin Before Working Out

Our pores open up as our face and body produce sweat to keep us cool, so it’s important to make sure to remove anything that might clog them such as dirt and makeup. You don’t need to use anything too strong; even a makeup removing wipe will suffice. 

Wear Clean Clothes

If you’re not someone who sweats a lot, it can be tempting to wear workout gear for more than one session to save time, but it’s better for your skin to only wear clean clothes. Washing your clothes between workouts will remove built up oil and bacteria. 

Shower Quickly

If possible, shower immediately after you finish working out to wash away any built-up bacteria, dead skin cells, and oil from irritating your skin and causing breakouts.