How to Safely Run in the Cold

Running in the cold
Photo by Josh Gordon on Unsplash

One of the best things about running is that it can be done in any place with minimal equipment. But running outside once the temperature dips toward freezing comes with risks, along with not being the most comfortable activity. Whether you prefer the trail or the track, there is a safe way to run when winter arrives so that you can continue all year long!

Warm Up Inside

Do any pre-run stretches or warmup movements that are part of your routine inside before heading out for your run. It’s easier to get your muscles warm and ready if you’re in an environment with less of a temperature difference.

Wear Layers

When it’s cold outside, getting outside for a run will be much easier if you have the right clothing. Wearing layers is the best way to keep your body at a comfortable temperature throughout every stage of your run. We especially recommend wearing gloves and a hat—they’re small and easy to tuck into a pocket once you feel warm enough.

Rehydrate With Warmth

When you return from your run, it’s best to consume warm food and beverages like tea or soup. Chugging cold water or sports drinks can tax your body when it’s already trying to get warm from your time outside.