How to Stay Healthy While on Vacation

Photo by Timur M on Unsplash

When you book a vacation it’s common to think about what food you’re going to eat and how much time you’re going to spend sunning yourself on the beach. If you’re a regular gym goer, a week of vacation without any movement can seem scary. So here are four ways to stay healthy and active while on vacation.

Run or Walk

Take the time to see the city you’re in by running or walking—you get to see and feel places you wouldn’t normally if you chose a car or bus. Get up early, lace up your sneakers, and take a lovely long walk or leisurely run through the city. Pick a destination to go to so you have a purpose as well as being active.

Pack Gym Clothes

The easiest way to make sure you stay active on vacation is by bringing your trusted gym clothes with you and keeping them in a place you will see them daily. This will remind you to do something active each day, whether it is a jog or using the hotel gym, or yoga in your room. You have no excuses as you have everything you need with you.

Plan the Restaurants Before You Fly

The best way to stick to some sort of routine whilst on vacation is to be organized with your meals. Instead of playing it by ear, make sure you know what restaurants are around and what food is available so you can plan accordingly. Just because you’re on vacation does not mean your healthy lifestyle has to stop.

Wear Comfortable Footwear

If you’re going to a city that requires a lot of walking, then make sure you are always wearing your most comfortable footwear. Having blisters or just being generally uncomfortable is going to limit how active you can be that day.