How to Stay Motivated to Run in the Morning When it’s Still Dark

Photo by Sage Friedman on Unsplash

For many of us, if we don’t run first thing in the morning, we don’t run at all. But now that the sun is rising later and later, it’s still dark when we go for our morning runs. So how can you stay motivated to run when it’s still dark outside? Here are some tips to help you get up and run in the morning.

Prepare Clothes and Gear the Night Before

Before you head to bed, make sure you set aside your clothes, headlamp, and earbuds. Leave your socks and sneakers by the door so you know it’s your cue to head out.

Make it Fun

Pick a podcast or audiobook or make a great playlist to help you get excited about your run.

Set a Weekly Training Schedule

When you plan your weekly training schedule, check the weather and schedule your runs for when it’s not rainy and the warmest mornings. For the other days, you can do yoga or strength training.

Set an Alarm

Make sure you head to bed at a reasonable time the night before your morning runs and set your alarm for a bit earlier than you plan on getting up to give yourself time to snooze.

Track Your Runs

Even if you’re not trying to hit any goals, track your runs on a calendar or app to motivate you to keep running.