How to Train For a Marathon

If you want to run a spring marathon, now is the best time to start training. Depending on your shape and how active you are, you may need up to 6 months to prepare for it and it’s a good idea to start during October. Running a marathon is often a personal challenge, but people have many different motivations for it. Whatever your reason for running a marathon is, here’s how you can prepare for it.

Know Your Limits

When you’re just starting, it’s important to know and respect your limits. If you push too much and run too fast, you risk injuries that will likely set you back for weeks, so start small to prevent this.

Choose Which Marathon You Want to Run

Marathons are held in many different places and you can choose the date and city that works best for you. It can be a location close to home so you can practice running on that very road or it can be a location you’ve always wanted to visit which will give you a boost of motivation.

Eat Right

If you focus on getting enough protein, drinking plenty of water, and eating 30 to 60 minutes before training, you’ll fuel your body in the best way while preparing for the marathon.