If You Lead a Sedentary Lifestyle, Hip Stretches Can Help

As we spend most of our days sitting down, whether it’s in your car, at your desk, or on the couch this can influence the tightness you feel in your hips. Standing up after numerous hours of sitting can be hard as you have held a flexed position for all that time. Stretching the hips and moving regularly throughout the day can help open up the hips, improve your mobility, and reduce pain and injury.

Make sure to stretch your hips out before a workout with active or dynamic stretches, holding for a few seconds and moving in and out of the stretch. After the workout use passive or static stretches by holding each position for about 30 seconds.

Open up the hip flexors each morning, with one leg bent in front and one leg semi-straight behind you on a mat and your hands on the bent leg. This can release pain in your lower back.

Lie on your back and open up one hip to the side with the leg bent, put the knee on a block to take any pressure away, and hold for 30 seconds.

Sit upright on a mat and put one ankle on your opposite bent knee to open up the hip, make sure to do both sides.