Influencer Ashley Joi Explains How to Make the Best of Your HIIT Workout

HIIT workouts experienced a huge rise in popularity in the last few years, but not everyone finds it easy to adapt to them. If you still find their intensity intimidating, fitness influencer Ashley Joi shared some useful advice that will change the way you approach HIIT training.

Most people feel like they have to give 100% during each workout, but Joi doesn’t think that’s necessarily true. The fitness trainer discussed her approach to HIIT with Body + Soul and shared the method she believes leads to much better results.

“The secret to getting results is working at around 75-90 percent of your maximum effort for the working phase to get your body into that fat burning zone. Putting your heart rate at that level forces your body to adapt to the demands of the workout and pushes your metabolic response,” explained Joi.

Joi also pointed out HIIT sessions aren’t just a great way to burn fat. They’re also amazing for your cardiovascular system and muscle endurance. She also shared a couple of useful tips for people who are getting back into their routine—keeping your sessions short, taking rest in between, and making an effort to track your progress.